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tv   Mornings on 2  FOX  February 4, 2013 7:00am-9:00am PST

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figure fog bank, mostly cloudy some thick fog and closer to the coast temperatures will come down compared to last week. much more about the breaking news, that water rescue which is happening as we speak right fisherman's wharf. and we have more on the thrilling super bowl come back, stay with us, we have more coming up. 0!ockñ?çóxo?ñ=çñññçvxqx?ñññ?óioy
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>> reporter: we're gathering information on a developing story in san francisco. a man pulled from the water by san francisco firefighters. we'll tell you how i is doing this morning. a heartbreaking loss for the 49ers in the super bowl. how fans here in san francisco responded to the game. >> reporter: we're live in san jose where bullets were flying in one neighborhood after the super bowl leaving a teenager dead. we'll tell you what neighbors and police are saying. crews find more than just flames as they rush to a fire. "mornings on 2" begins right now.
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well, good morning. welcome to "mornings on 2." i'm tori campbell. it's monday, february 4th. a person was pulled from the water near aquatic park. alex savidge is live in san francisco with what we know about the rescue. good morning, alex. >> reporter: i just spoke with the battalion chief out here. i'm told this was a 19-year-old man pulled from the frigid bay waters. this is where he was brought. i want to show you some video of what this scene looked like a few minutes ago when we pulled up here. this man was being carried away, driven away in an ambulance taken off by the hospital. i'm told he will be treated for hypothermia but he's expected to be okay. now, the battalion police chief said it was about 6:00 when a passerby heard a man screaming
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for help. that person called 911. rescuers suited up and found this man out about 100 yards in the water and brought him safely to shore. i'm told by the fire chief this man is very lucky. >> very, very lucky. don't know how long he was in the water. >> reporter: and the chief says the person who initiated this rescue, actually, a tourist from switzerland and helped to save a man's life. i did ask firefighters what the man was doing in the water. i'm told that's still being investigated whether he went into the water or somehow fell in. a 19-year-old pulled from the frigid bay waters and being treated for hypothermia. alex savidge, ktvu channel 2 news.
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it's coming up on 7:03. the san francisco 49ers came so close to pulling off the greatest comeback in super bowl history. but it's the baltimore ravens who are the new champions of football. >> and the ravens have won it. >> after a recordbreaking runback in the third quarter's opening play, the ravens led 28- 6. no team has ever come back from a 10-point deficit to win the super bowl. but the 9ers came roaring back. you can sea the kaepernicking ner -- you can see the kaepernicking back. the ravens ended up winning, 34- 31. the super bowl crowds around san francisco were relatively calm but san francisco police still made some arrests, 25 people were arrested for public intoxication, one person was arrested for trying to start a fire. police say things got out of
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hand at 24th and hampshire when people through bottles but no one was hurt. there were concerns there would be a repeat of the violence and vandalism like after the world series but for the most part crowds made their way home peacefully. a different story in baltimore. not surprisingly there was a big celebration for ravens' fans. this is what it looked like after the ravens won. you can see the streets in baltimore filled with excited people. police had to shut down traffic when fans try to tip some cars over. well, the super bowl was stopped for 34 minutes when the lights went out. it happened just after the third quarter began. the stadium went dark. the nfl is blaming the outages
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on sensing equipment that sensed something abnormal. the blackout reminded fans from san francisco about the outage here that happened twice in the game against steeler. well, the city of san francisco reportedly plans to demolish the current home of the 49ers with a big bang. brian flores tells us what's gonna happen at candle still park. that's coming up at -- standle stick park. that's -- candlestick park. that's coming up at 7:43. police are investigating the fourth homicide of the year. this is on audibon drive. a teenaged boy was killed overnight. janine de la vega is live with more. >> reporter: good morning. this area is located near mclaughlin and felon. i just spoke with one neighbor who says she had a hard time
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sleeping last night. she watched as the young man died in front of her. you can see some of the damage left other. this is where a bullet pierced this minivan. this car was got involved in the shooting. police say just after 9:00 last night, a group of teenagers were driving near clements. when police got to the scene, they found two-- two teenaged boys. >> i heard like a -- like at least six gunshots and then some tire squeaking. that's about it. i didn't pay much attention to it. my sister came knocking on the door and said go outside, get your brother. that's when i found out what was going on. >> this is video taken earlier this morning. police were towing away a second vehicle, a truck this
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was hit by -- that was hit by gunfire. police searched the neighborhood overnight and spoke to people in the area. so far no suspects have been identified or apprehended. officers are still investigating a motive. but they are looking to see if this was gang-related or not. now, back out here live. you are looking at a picture of kennedy elementary school. we're told that the body of the teenager was found right over where you see the stop sign over there. and a lot of the neighbors were huddling around the young man. we just heard from one of the neighbors that his family did come over there and that he lives close by in the neighborhood possibly somewhere across the street. so we're gonna see if we can track down more information on that. what we do know, police are back at the station trying to piece together what happened and trying to catch those responsible. janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 news. 7:07. let's get sal back, get you moving. if you can make it through the
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fog in a lot of places. >> that's right, guys. 237, we're gonna start there. steve has been telling us about the fog. we could see this commute rather clearly and now, it kind of looks like a big foggy mess. it looks like we're looking in the middle of a clog. the sunol grade, we can't show you 101 in san francisco. our san rafael camera is all fogged out. let's take a look at the bay bridge. not thick fog here. peace a -- that's a 15 to 17- minute delay. let's talk about contra costa county. pleasant hill, moderate traffic. the drive time between hayward isive ceasing, 20 minutes from 238 to mowry avenue. no major problems on the way. it will still be slow. we have a lot more in the
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way of clouds. inland temperatures had to deal with some fog. cooler temperatures. even though inland areas, double whammy here. it will be mostly sunny. but that fog heads back to the coast mainly in the 50s. unlike last week, upper 60s to near 70. tomorrow more fog, hazy sunshine. thursday, friday we'll get light rain in here. this is a colder system. it looks like it will be one and done. we start to need some rain. five weeks of dry weather is not good. that's what it looks like we're dealing with. the areas of fog are there today, tomorrow, visibility for some inland areas is not the great of thest. a lot -- is not the greatest. at bodega bay, it's 349 -- 39. 30s, 40s to almost almost 50 --
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to almost 50. because of the westerly direction it feels colder. last week everything was north and northeast. some of that fog is going to be slow to burn off. we'll have hazy skies. coastal fog not going very far. a few mid-60s. but you have to go far inland, kind of a minor league summer pattern. 50s in alameda. low 60s out towards the eastern parts of contra costa county. santa clara county. santa cruz, 59. not the 70 or 73 they had. san francisco, 50s even san bruno and san mateo. upper 50s or very, very low 60s. a lot of low clouds. then increasing clouds on thursday. we'll get some light rain, i think you will notice the colder air coming in. the weekend looks sunny but very cool and breezy. we're tracking a deadly collision happening between a tour bus and two other vehicles on a rural mountain highway in san bernardino county. it happened last night on state
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route 38 near yucaipa. officer reporter is there to -- our reporter is there to tell us what caused the crash and we know at least eight people were killed. lauren? >> reporter: fact. eight people are dead -- that's correct. eight people are dead. others injured. it was a grisly scene here. 911 calls started coming in at around 6:30 last night. that's when people reported seeing a tour bus sideways blocking both lanes of state highway 38. that's the highway that leads to big bear. the bus was on its way back to the ski resort, headed back to tijuana, mexico when, for some reason, it accelerated down the mountain road, slammed into the car, infrommed over and slammed a truck with the trailer on the back. we know that eight people are confirmed dead.
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38 others injured, many with life-threatening injuries. they were taken to several other area hospitals. but when emergency crews arrived on the scene there. they described a grisly screen. they said there were body parts and backpacks littered all over the mountain rode. they had a tough time extracting gap body -- extracting bodies. the chp says they are investigating this as a crime scene. they are going to be taking some aerial photographs. the bus is still on scene. the driver survived and the driver told emergency crews we're told that it was some kind of brake failure that caused him to slide down that road. but in the meantime, this road will be closed for the rest of the day. there are alternate routes up to big bear. but they are still investigating, still pulling people from the bus.
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the coroner is still on the scene. it is going to be a long investigation and a long day for everyone here in san bernardino county after eight people are killed coming home from a ski trip in big bear. that's the latest from here. back to you. >> all right. thank you for that report. it is 7:13. mixed messages why the white house released this photo of the president while he continues pushing for gun control this morning. ♪ >> it's the super bowl ad that's getting the most buzz after the game. and the one about a local football legend that came in a close second. [ female announcer ] the best thing about this bar
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pillsbury toaster strudel. if beethoven made breakfast. a big fog became out there. a couple of combip nations of some really thick fog and hazy
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fog. highs, 50s low, 60s -- 50, low 60s. ♪ a special performance was held at last night's super bowl. jennifer hudson sang with 26 children from sandy hook elementary in newtown, connecticut. the children wore shirts with green angels and ribbons who toner their 26 classmates and teachers who were -- to honor their 26 classmates and teachers who were killed in the shooting. the president is leaving the white house to fly to minnesota to discuss gun safety. this is the first time the president is getting out of washington to rally support. kyla campbell has more. >> reporter: president obama said he would take several trips across the cut. >> the first is in minnesota where officials have taken some steps to curb gun violence.
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but police and city leaders say there's only so much they can do. they are asking obama and lawmakers on capitol hill to do more by creating and enforcing tougher federal gun laws. the white house prices minnesota's moves to keep the guns out of the wrong hands. the state approved the system -- updated the list for background checks. president obama is pushing for universal background checks, a ban on military style assault weapons and a limit on how many rounds gun magazines can hold. obama is getting some support on capitol hill. why it might not be enough. why him going after public support is not the right move when i see you next. well, roll does know how to shoot a gun. over the weekend, the white house released the photograph.
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as the gun control debate heats up, the president was asked if he had ever shot a gun and this photo shows, yes, he has. a nonprofit group is sponsoring a gun buyback event later this month. the group, protect our children bay area has so far raised $30,000 for the event. the buyback will offer about $100 for a small gun, about $200 for an assault-type weapon. this is gonna bed held at east palo alto city hall saturday, february 23rd. lawrence berkeley lab scientists say there is a new hidden hazard in many homes and work places. the homes built since the 1970s have flame retardants and those may be releasing chemicals in the air breathed. not only are those chemicals
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danger, they say, they dot often make a structure safer during a fire. team oracle plans to return to the water with the badly damaged racing boat damaged in october. it needed modifications and repairs but the crew says it's ready to go again now. the team is also peeping -- preaching to launch a second racing yacht sometime in the next couple of months. el with, the super bowl didn't have the happy ending that 49er fans wanted but there were some things millions millions of viewers loved. our reporter is live in washington, d.c. with the ones that will be remembered long after people forget the score. >> reporter: your eyes, worth more than they've ever been worth. that's because you got word to get those eyes on the super bowl ads. companies were paying $4 million for a 30-second ad.
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it's $133,000 a second. which ads worked. which one didn't? bleacher report has done a survey and says this one is one of the best. >> this is the doritos goat for sale ad. the premise, the man buys a goat, they love love doritos. another one -- they really love doritos. another one, the hyundai ad. in this ad, a boy, his mom and friends confront bullies at a local website. here's what they found -- this ad caused the most immediate car interest. hyundai's santa fe web search saw a 780% increase. then there are the ads rounding out the bottom of the barrel.
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bleacher report hated those ads and the ad that so many people are talking about. they say this was sexy and smart. bleacher said it must have been only going for the gross-out factor. it was people talking today. if there's no thing as bad publicity, go, daddy's is probably feeling pretty -- godaddy's is probably feeling pretty good. back to you. thank you. up next, steve will tell let us know -- will let us know when rain clouds are supposed to come in. and the moster changes that would mean -- meeter changes that would mean less change in your pocket. ♪ we were skipping stones and letting go ♪
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♪ over the river and down the road ♪ [ female announcer ] at nature valley, we know nature comes together in amazing ways. that's why we bring together natural ingredients, like dark chocolate with toasted oats, or sweet golden honey. perfect combinations of nature's delicious ingredients, from nature valley. ♪ ♪ i was thinking that i hope this never ends ♪ [ female announcer ] nature valley granola bars, nature at its most delicious. welcome back. san francisco drivers, you won't have to carry a lot of parking meter change in the knee few chew. that's because -- future. that's because the city will upgrade all of the meters by
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the fall. san francisco has about 23,000 of those older meters. they only take points and payment cards issued by the city. but they will be replaced. now the city is asking contractors to bid in putting in the kind that sake several kinds of payment and all for different hourly rates. it is 7:24. want to check in with sal. see what's happening on the roads. there's fog out there. some people might notice it, some of our cameras are fogged in. but otherwise' have -- but otherwise we're having a decent monday. the traffic here between 238 and mowry avenue a about 23 minutes right now. not that bad for this time of day if you are driving south to the commute there. no major problems. let's go to the san mateo bridge nearby. that's a nice-looking commute. no problem getting over to 101. if you are driving to the bay bridge toll plaza. that's about a 15 to 20-minute delay. 7:24. let's go to steve.
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a lot more fog. big bog tank out there. water -- water temperatures, a front to the north, we also have some thick fog inland. pretty good system. you can see where it's going. there will be one more system thursday. i think we'll make it. give us some rain. it will bring in a lot morer air than rain. today, 30s, 40s -- more air than rain. today, 30s, 40s, almost everybody says some form of fog. you are seeing a lot of gray off the coast and over the bay. hazy skies. that coastal fog means it's cooler. much, much cooler than we had last week. pacifica, 55. a little bit of a summer pattern, warmer inland but cooler with that fog by the coast. it will be back tuesday into wednesday. i do think we get some light rain, thursday, friday. we could do some rain there. the weekend looks good. breezy and cool. 7:27. a search happening in santa
7:28 am
rosa this morning for a missing man. what family members are saying about the strange behavior before he disappeared. san jose police uncover hundreds of marijuana plants at a house fire. we'll tell you how much they are now saying it was worth and what we found next door that neighbors found disturbing. >> it's simply known as the stick. a lot of memories here at candlestick park for the bay area. but the days are numbered. we'll talk about -- when "mornings on 2" continues. hey! did you know that honey nut cheerios
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7:29. overnight san jose firefighters stumbled into a marijuana grow operation while putting out a garage fire. ktvu's tara moriarty joins us live and she just found out how much the marijuana is worth. good morning, tara. >> reporter: $500,000 according to san jose police. so quite a bit of money here at stake. you can see behind me here this is where police say an illegal and elaborate growhouse was set up behind the boarded-up garage. neighbors say just next door, a daycare. the 911 call came in before midnight from scottsdale court. investigators say the fire started in the garage and was sparked by faulty wiring. firefighters stumbled upon 300,
7:32 am
400 plants when any arrived and found more -- when they arrive and found more in the attic. >> the fire resulted from faulty wiring, used to bypass about $47,000 worth of electrical theft. >> reporter: this man was lived here for years and just can't believe this. >> i don't know if they -- i don't know. i don't know what to say. wow. >> reporter: we, understand no one was home when when the fire broke out. no one was hurt and no -- when the fire broke out. no one was hurt and officials, again, say the owner rigged electricity to bypass the pg&e meter. right now, that marijuana is at the police station getting ready to be picked up and ultimately destroyed. live from san jose, i'm tara
7:33 am
moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. 7:30. san francisco firefighters had a tough time battling an overnight fire in the western edition. it was jam packed with items that were hoarded. everyone inside the house on geary boulevard got out safely but they were treated for smoke inhalation. firefighters say all of the things that were hoarded in this house made it hard to fight the fire. >> it's a real danger, not just for the people inside, for a rapid fire spread. >> investigators think a candle may have sparked that fire. happening right now -- search crews in santa rosa they are back out looking for a missing man last seen banking bizarrely in a park. homeowners on lawndale road called police on saturday after the man started to act strangely. a man stripped naked and
7:34 am
started chanting. >> someone who was up in annandale and what's odd, he had dis-- disrobed himself and was chanting. >> the search is underway, family members say that man may be mentally ill. we're continuing our super bowl coverage now. quarterback colin kaepernick is the first to admit this was a heartbreaking loss for the 49ers. as you can see his expression there, it tells the whole story. he looks so sad but he almost pulled off the greatest comeback ever in super bowl history. kaepernick led four second-hare scores and then he ran 15 wards for a t.d. himself -- yards for a td
7:35 am
himself. 9ers' coach blames the ref, not his -- blames the ref, not his young quarterback. >> they probably have some bias there. in my mind, i wouldn't be -- be bringing it up if in my mind i didn't think it was obviously. many thought there should have been a holding call. however, 49er fans fill have plenty of reasons to be optimistic. >> we've now seen the harbaugh family really knows how to throw a party. the two brothers agree when it comes to the game, that is coming up at 7:45. now we have word the 49ers will be back here in the bay area early this afternoon. they will land at mineta
7:36 am
airport at 1:15 this afternoon. it's looking like the long time home of the 49ers that's out with a bang literally. ryan flores joining us live. he's in san francisco, tell us about the plans you will be hearing from candle -- you are hearing for candlestick park. >> reporter: for many fans, it's known as the stick. my photographer remembers it being called monster park. this is the ohm of the -- this is the ohm of the -- this is the home of the 49ers. it will be nothing but a memory, and they report by the end of next football stadium, the stadium will be demolished. no exact time for this. but developers looking at maybe a couple of weeks at the end of next football season. san francisco's park and rec department will hand over development to lenar corporation. developers say they have plans
7:37 am
to build an 800,000-square foot shopping center and a seat arena that could be the home to -- could -- that could be the home to house small concerts. >> i hate to see it go. i've sign concerts there, the monster's rock was there, the rolling stones were there. it's got so much history, i wish they would keep it. >> i think they should tear it down. >> candlestick has been the lome to several key events. the loma prieta earthquake. there's the catch, joe montana
7:38 am
to clark and then the monday night football blackout of 2011 and then the last live concert of the beatles. as we take it back out here live, the stadium has history in the books. coming up on "mornings on 2" we'll talk to more people about their memories of the stick. i'm brian flores, ktvu channel 2 news. the golden state warriors and the giants reportedly working out their differences over plans for a new pro basketball arena. reportedly that's because mayor lee has been acting a -- acting as a mediator. they are planning to move into a $1 million arena near at&t park in 2017, when their lease expires. the giants are concerned about traffic problems saying the arena would be too close to at&t park. happy anniversary to facebook. what's now the largest social network launched at harvard exactly nine years ago today. mark zuckerberg invine the his
7:39 am
-- invited his classmates and then a month later, others were invited in. now there are 1 billion football account holders around the world. sal is all over fable but he's right there -- football but he's right there, too, and he knows where you need to go. >> i am here. it's a little foggy here. it's not too bad for drivers, but the fog has been moving around. as i look at the camera oakland haves that i have, i'm down to a few that don't have fog in them. this is a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. it's backed up for a 25-minute delay. it's become thicker now, getting in san francisco. this is the height of the commute. southbound 880 is slow, inth fa, let's go back to -- in fact, let's go back. i want to focus on this as i
7:40 am
move my maps back. 24 minutes before 238 and mowry avenue. it keeps getting closer and -- slower and slower. let's go to steve. thank you. a lot of clouds and fog. the system to the north looks pretty good. one thursday will be better. this one will drag a -- drag allows increasing that cloud deck. i think we can get some drizing out of this. maybe some rain up towards mendocino county. today it's all of the fog. low clouds, fog, mostly clear for some. it will be cooler by the coast and bay with more of a westerly breeze. high pressure holding its ground. we're seeing more of a westerly direction on that breeze instead of a north and an easterly like last week. still, 40s and 50s. livermore is in there. fairfield, walnut creek. but oakland is 50, yet, because
7:41 am
of the fog, coastal fog and more of a westerly or onshore breeze, it feels warmer. you can see a few clouds filtering over. cloud/rain forecast doesn't do much for the system on tuesday. it will keep fog going. the next system coming in on thursday. there will be a lot of cold air coming in thursday into friday. coastal fog is definitely from place, that means more cooling by the water's edge. slightly warmer inland. it's a flip-flop of what we had last week, that's for sure when temperatures were really mild to warm. now they've settled in with the fog and temperatures only in the 50s. not much change. tuesday maybe a little break on wednesday in advance of the system. some slight rain. i'm thinking about .10 to .25 will cover it. there will be two parts to the system. it will be breezy and cool,
7:42 am
tori. 7:40. the one event that generated the most tweets during the super bowl and it had nothing to do with football. and what the two coaches said to each other after the game. plus the big battle over wi-fi. the tech jints pushing for more coverage and who is fighting against it.
7:43 am
7:44 am
in the first trading session, u.s. stocks falling sharply following european markets about spain and italy, some jitters. taking a live look at the big
7:45 am
board, the dow down 115, below 14,000 and the nasdaq is down 16, the s&p down 10. oracle is buying the acme packet. they are reportedly paying $2.1 billion. oracle says the deal will immove the communeny -- improve the communications package. the deal is expected to close in the first half of the year. the largest wine company in sonoma county is moving ahead on a project that reduce water water damage. a new pilot project will allow it to reuse rinse water up to ten times. and that's expected to reduce water needed to wash barrels and tanks. other wineries and olive producers could adapt this policy if this is a success. a horrible discovery in a
7:46 am
park in fairfield. investigators releasing more information about the death of a 13-year-old girl. but as pam cook reports from our newsroom now, pam, they are looking to all of us to help out here. >> yes, they are. fairfield police tell us here at ktvu that they have some good leads but that they need more information to solve the deaths of a -- death of a 13- year-old girl. now, this morning, investigators will be at green valley middle school where the young teenager was enrolled hoping to learn more about what she was doing or who she was with last week. it was a horrendous discovery. a 13-year-old girl who police say now was strangled. too close to home. we live three blocks away. sad. i hope they catch him. >> you don'tary hear about this -- you don't hear about this stuff at fairfield. investigators tell us she was living in a foster home in
7:47 am
suisun city and a guardian reported the girl missing on thursday. police have not released the girl's name or the cause of death. in our next hour of "mornings on 2," i'm gonna call the fairfield police officer who has been giving us information to see if there's new updates. we'll hear from the mother of one of the girl's friends. i'm pam cook, dave? oakland police have made an arrest during the killing of a man during first friday celebrations. 18-year-old key on day campbell was shot to death -- keonte campbell was shot to death. three others are expected to survive. they were wounded. 7:45. in about 15 minutes, funeral services will begin for former new york city mayor ed koch. he died this past friday of congestive heart failure. he was 88. former president bill clinton
7:48 am
will be there along with michael bloomberg and the israeli conconsulate -- israeli consulate. no word if hillary clinton will be there. it's reported that muhammed ali is very will. british tabloids quoted his brother as saying he was close to death. google and microsoft say a free wi-fi service would spark an explosion of innovation that would benefit most americans, especially the poor. but cell phone companies are lob biping against the idea which would -- lobbying against the idea which would let people
7:49 am
use their phones without paying a monthly charge. twitter was buzzing during super bowl sunday. fans tweeted between the 49ers and the ravens' showdown. there were 24.1 million tweets. 5.5 tweets were posted during beyonce's half-time show. about 231,000 tweets her minute. welt, the super bowl also said the -- well, the super bowl also set the stage for the ultimate sibling rivalry. the first time two brothers faced each other. in the end, it was big brother, john, and his ravens who came out onen to of jim and the 49ers -- outen to top of jim and the 49 -- out on top of him and the 49ers. >> congratulated him. told him i was very proud.
7:50 am
>> i told him i loved him. >> they hugged. the media hype, it really was not a distraction. and jim harbaugh decided to pull alex smith there when he had that concussion and replace him with colin kaepernick, coming up at 7:54. we'll tell you what the 9ers have planned for alex smith now that the season is over. sergio romo will not be prosecuted in a las vegas airport. romo was arrested on new year's day in las vegas after he allegedly became angry and aggressive with a tsa agent at the airport when it turned out he did not have any idea on him. witnesses claim he was under the influence. according to the district attorney's office, they say he will not charged due to a lack of resources. new resources so that -- show that bullying fades
7:51 am
overtime. researchers followed a group of gay teenagers for seven years and found that bull you will ing went down for most of them. still, the study shows that gay young men were almost four times more likely to be bullied than their straight peers. new information about last week's deadly explosion that happened at a mexico state company headquarters. what we've learned about the search for victims. and beyonce makes a big announcement about her future plans following her super bowl halftime show.
7:52 am
[ female announcer ] the best thing about this bar it's not a candy bar. 130 calories 7 grams of protein the new fiber one caramel nut protein bar. of green giant vegetables it's easy to eat like a giant... ♪ and feel like a green giant. ♪ ho ho ho ♪ green giant
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♪ beyonce thrilled the super bowl crowd last night with an explosive performance at halftime. she sang many of her hits including "crazy in love" and "all the single ladies." she also reunited with former members of destiny's child. if you liked her perform
7:54 am
afternoons, you have a -- performance, you will have a chance to see her in san jose on july 2nd. now this that -- now that the 49er season is over, what esnext for alex smith? there are several reports that he will be traded. if he is, his new team will have to pay for $8.3 million and give a trade toll if 49ers. 7:52. we have new information on last thursday's explosion at mexico state-owned company headquarters. three more bodies were found over the weekend. now the death toll is 36. one person is still missing but that search has been called off. 121 people were hurt in that explosion. the investigation continues. back here at home, now that san francisco's exploratorium is moving to the water front. the exhibition hall inside the
7:55 am
palace of fine arts is available to be rented out. whoever moves in, they will have to pay for repairs of renovations. that could cost millions of dollars. a new tenant would have to work on the foundation and also replace the trusses that hold up the move, among other things. the interior needs upgrades as well. >> okay. let's check in with sal and see what's happening on the roads. >> what about 880? >> it's gets busier. it's typical, slowing near high street. a little bit of slow traffic when you get to 23rd and then to downtown oakland with no delays. westbound 580, it begins to slow near high street and macarthur and in pockets to 980. let's go to the been toll plaza,ing ba under for a -- plaza, backed you for a 15-
7:56 am
minute delay. westbound 24 is moderate. i also want to let you know that the drive time between 238 and mowry has improved a little. it's 22 minutes. it was at one point 25. but's -- but we're getting a little better anyway. 7:54. let's go to everybody steve. >> thank you, sal. we have a big fog bank out there. that's not something we've seen in a long time. we've had to deal with a lot of inland fog, but not coast, bay and inland fog. water temperatures have turned noticeably colder. upper 40s near 50. it's 49 degrees. 40s to 50. walnut creek in there. livermore, fairfield, oakland is 50. but because of more of a westerly breeze, it feeling colder. last week it was a northeast wind that felt warmer. that's not the case now.
7:57 am
morning fog, machine -- mostly sunny. 50s on the coast around the bay. low os inland. this is a complete reverse of what we saw the last ten days when temperatures were warmer on the coast. there will be some drizzle, i think tomorrow morning. the system coming in on tuesday won't do much. there will be a little break. the weekends sunny but the mornings look good. it will be breezy to wind, especially on saturday. it's been six days now. a little boy is still held hostage by a gunman in become b. what authorities are doing to keep the -- in alabama. what authorities are doing to keep him keel. >> reporter: and a man pulled from the fridge yesterday waters in san francisco. we'll tell you about the tourist who may have saved his life.
7:58 am
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8:00 am
>> reporter: it's unclear how a man ended up in the bay. rescuers found him. he was about 100 yards off the shore line east of where we are. 100 yards off the hide street pier. want to show you some video. this man was loaded into an am bans and driven -- ambulance and driven off to the hospital. he was wrapped up in blankets. that's because the battalion chief out here with san francisco fire tells me. firefighters got this call about 6:00 this morning when a passerby reported a man in the water yelling for help. rescuers showed up later. >> we were able to guide the emergency lighting in the direction of the person and
8:01 am
effect a rescue and pull the person onto our rescue boat. >> reporter: so this morning, firefighters are still trying to figure out if this man jumped into the water or fell in. a rescue boat brought him to a dock at marina green, which is where we are. the battalion chief tells me that passerby who called 911 was actually a tourist from switzerland who may have saved a man's life during his visit here in san francisco. alex savidge, ktvu channel 2 news. the 49ers came that close to pulling off the biggest comeback in super bowl history. but it's the baltimore ravens who are the nfl champions. >> and the ravens have won it. >> at one point, the ravens led the 49ers, 28-6 and no super
8:02 am
bowl team ever came back to win. the 49ers roared back to an incredible second half, but their rally ended 5 yards short, less than two minutes to play. there's this play. everyone is talking about t the ravens won the super bowl, 34- 31. crowds around san francisco were relatively calm but 25 people were still arrested for public intoxication. one person was arrested for trying to start a fire. police say things got out of hand at 24th and ham share when people threw bottles at -- ham share when people threw bottles and -- hamshire when people through bottles and there was a concern about the violence after the world series but most of the crowds made their way home peacefully. not surprisingly, there was a big celebration for ravens'
8:03 am
fan. this is in baltimore after the ravens won. you can see the streets filled with people and police had to shut down traffic when fans tried to tip some cars over. we're tracking the investigation where janine de la vega is on audibon drive. two teenagers were shot there. you've been there since 4:30. what do you know now? >> reporter: we're here on audibon drive. this is just across the street from kennedy elementary school. you can see parents are dropping off their kids right now and right here at this corner is where that teenager was found shot to death. and you can see one of the neighbors actually left a rose and an orange as an offering. police say after 9:00 this morning, a group of teenagers were walking in the area, when another group opened fire last
8:04 am
night. two of the teens were hit. one of the boys died at the scene. the others were rushed to the hospital. the others are expected to survive. neighbors thought it was gunfire from the super bowl. but when they came out, they saw people running, that-to-ed -- that teenaged boy and neighbors are shaking their head. >> those bullets could have went through the garage, you don't know if there's people sleeping in there. that's what's sad about it. there's a lot of kids on the street. that's what irritating me -- irritates me. >> reporter: bullets hit a minivan and a truck. that truck was towed away for evidence purposes. police canvassed the area and spoke to witnesses overnight. no arrests have been made and there's no motive yet but police are looking into the possibility that this was gang- related. back out here live, you are looking at the picture of a
8:05 am
makeshift memorial that one of the residents who lives on this street had left for the victim. i called the coroner's office. no i.d. has been made of the victim but neighbors tell us that police told them he was 17 years old and that he lives in this area. this is the city's fourth homicide of the year. reporting live from san jose, janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 news. san francisco police are investigating the stabbing of two people. it happened shortly after 7:00 last night on fell street near civic center plaza. police say the victims were stabbed while trying to break up a fight. they were both rushed to the hospital in stable condition. so far, no arrests have been -- no arrests have been made. in overnight news, san francisco firefighters say a barbecue grill is to blame for a house fire. it happened about 2:00 this morning on lion street. four people were inside the home but escaped safely. firefighters evacuated neighbors as a precaution. but the fire did not spread and no one was hurt.
8:06 am
8:03. big announcement from virgin american airlines expected for today in san jose. the airline plans to add daily nonstop flights from san jose to los angeles beginning may 1st. up until now, virgin america has only flown out of sfo but people in the silicon valley tech industry they've been calling on the airline to add those flights out of san jose. the new service will add 15 new jobs to the san jose airport. sal mentioned there were some flight delays at sfo. we want to check in on the situation at the toll plaza. >> that's right. there is an hour of delays at sfo. an hour and eight minutes to be exact. you should check with your carrier because that's just an average time. oakland and san jose, not reporting any major delays. you mentioned the toll plaza, traffic is going to be a little
8:07 am
bit slow here at the toll plaza but it's improving. this is an eight to ten-minute delay. at one point we were up to 30 minutes, northbound 880 pass you pass the coliseum. that traffic is -- is moving along relatively well. i want to circle this area here on the peninsula. southbound 280. we had an earlier crash. didn't stay for long. but 280 is slower than it normally is. 101 between 380 and 92 is up to 12 minutes. not too bad as you drive through. 8:05. let's go to steve. >> what movie would that be? >> it slipped my mind. >> "office space." >> thank you. low clouds, a lot of low clouds and fog around and boy, they popped up quick. last week it was all offshore breeze and we have the westerly wind and the system to the north, pushing it in so the fog
8:08 am
increases. kind of merges with low loud -- with low clouds as well inland. we have a, -- we a double whammy on the fog. once that burns back, inland temperatures, mostly sunny. a few high clouds. fog will be back tomorrow. i think we'll get some -- excuse me, two weeks on this thing, folks. unbelievable. i know you are out there. light rain turning colder thursday into friday. this will not be a big rain system. we will get cold air out of it. temperatures 30s, 40s and 50. it's 48 in san francisco. 50 at half moon bay. you can see a lot of that gray. this next system might give us a lot of clouds, i don't think we'll see any rain. we'll have to wait until thursday. morning fog, sunny. 50s closer to the coast and bay. low to a few mid 60s inland. kind of looking like a weak summer pattern.
8:09 am
last week it was the complete opposite. but temperatures not that big of a spread. 50s on the beaches in san francisco. upper 50s or very low 60s on the peninsula. a little bit more fog on tuesday. fog will -- here comes the system for thursday. some rain but i think you will notice the cold air. sunny on the weekend and breezy and very cool. in alabama a gunman has been holding a young boy hostage in and underunderbunker for -- underground bunker for six days now. elizabeth pran -- prann is live with more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we're waiting to learn how the little boy is doing. all eyes are on jimmy lee
8:10 am
dykes. authorities gave us a firsthand look at the bus involved as it was towed away from the crime scene. they also thanked the suspect for taking care of this young boy, meaning there's heat in the bunker, it gets down into the 20s overnight. the young kindergartener is getting comfort food such as potato chips and cheese-itz, color books and medication that he needs. remember, we heard from neighbors earlier this week that describe the suspect as an anti-government menacing figure who often made threats to his neighbors there's some schools opening up, including dale county, some remain closed. the bus driver, we attended his very emotional funeral. friended hailed him as a hero.
8:11 am
all around the community, we're seeing black, blue and red ribbons, sim bombizing a certainly -- symbolizing a community certainly in mourning. >> thank you. 8:09. still ahead -- john kerry starts his job as everyone secretary of state today -- his job as secretary of state today. >> i have big heels to fill today. [laughter] and the -- and the reason why the -- and the reason the white house released this photo of the president.
8:12 am
8:13 am
8:14 am
temperatures have cooled off. so 50s and very low 60s. >> thank you, steve. president obama is encouraging the boycotts to end its ban on gay members and leaders. in an interview, the president was asked if he believes scouting should be open to gays. the president said gays and lesbians should be able to participate in every institution available to others. on wednesday, the executive board of the boy scouts is expected to vote on whether to lift the ban and let local troop leaders desite the issue. happening right now, for the first time since unveiling his gun safety proposal, president obama is taking his message on the road. as kyla campbell reports, the president left the white house this morning to push his plans.
8:15 am
kyla? >> reporter: yeah, the president promised he would stop in several cities around the country to push for gun safety. about 40 minutes ago, president obama left joint base andrews to head to minneapolis. the white house has kept a close eye on the state. the state quickly updates its system with the names of people who , who face felony charges. but police say they need help from the president and lawmakers on capitol hill. president obama is meeting with police first and will then give a speech on his gun safety proposals. they include requiring universal background checks, banning assault weapons and limiting the number of rounds a magazine can hold. but some republicans believe the president should promote his plan here in washington. >> president obama has not done a very good job building relations with congressing. he needs to do before he puts
8:16 am
exterral pressure on him. >> reporter: and then a bipartisan from the house of representatives tomorrow will be pushing for gun trafficking laws. kyla campbell, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. and as the gun control debate heats up, the president was asked recently if he had ever shot a gun and president obama said he went skeet shooting all of the time. some people were skeptical though and asked for proof. so over the weekend, the white house released this photo of president obama skeet shooting at camp david back in august. 8:14. about an hour ago, the new secretary of state john kerry made his first address to state department employees. he told him they have the best jobs in government. >> we get to lift people out of poverty, cure disease, speak to those who have no voice. >> he said foreign service runs in his family.
8:17 am
his father was a diplomat. kerry spent most of his childhood living abroad. his sister worked at the state department. joe biden is meeting with friend's president and later on, he will fly to england and he will meet with british prime minister, david cameron. a japanese diplomat based in san francisco will be sentenced today on domestic violence charges. yoshiaki nagaya is accused of repeatedly beating his wife during their 18-month marriage. he pleaded no contest to two felony counts of domestic violence. he faces up to a year in county jail. apple's supplier fosscon in china is trying to raise participation in its union.
8:18 am
the foxconn plants make apple's iphone and ipad. the company has come under criticism for workers' pay and conditions at the facilities. now, for the first time, they are allowing workers to elect union representatives. police in turkey say a new york city woman found dead in istanbul suffered a fatal blow to the head. sarai sierra's body was found saturday. she was traveling alone in istanbul and was reported missing january 21st. more than a dozen people have been questioned in the case but most of them have been released. 8:16. the calaveras county sheriff's office now identifying the three people shot to death on saturday. 54-year-old phillip marshal from murpheys shot and killed his two teenaged sons, then killed himself. the teenage teens are mckale law, 14, and 17-year-old alex
8:19 am
smashle this -- mckay -- makailia, 14 years old and then 17-year-old alex marshal. chris kyle and his friend were shot and killed on saturday in text at a gun range. police think he may have been suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. >> i don't know we'll ever know. he's the only one that knows that. at this point, he has not made any comments to law enforcement as to why he did it. >> kyle became best known for his book. it details his 160 sniper kills of insurgents in iraq. it may have been the most in america history. kyle dedicated limb self to helping veterans with post- traumatic stress disorder. a missing tanker off the
8:20 am
ivory coast of africa has probably been hijacked by pilots. officials think they hijacked the french taker. it was reported missing yesterday and that all 17 salors on board have been kidnapped. hijackings of toil tankers are pretty common -- oil tankers are pretty common in that region because of the millions of dollars on board. postal inspectors found four pounds of meth hidden inside a package of papayas. police replaced the meth with fake drugs and monitor the package as it was delivered to alaska. they found more than $8500 in cash and two guns when theyest raked the man who received the package. mcdonald's is introducing its first new happy meal in ten years. fish mcbites are fish made from the same alaskan cod used in
8:21 am
the fillet sandwiches. the fish mcbites will be made available through the end of march to coincide with lent. and pizza hut is hoping their latest item will tempt you into wanting more pete saw after the super bowl. pizza sliders. they can be ordered with different toppings and come in a box of nine for $10 or a box of three for $5. 8:19. an historic discovery. this dates back more than 500 years. royal remains. look at this found buried under a parking lot. also it's a foggy and chilly monday morning in the bay area. steve paulson will tell us if there's rain in this week's forecast. mom, i invited justin over for lunch.
8:22 am
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welcome back. we get to talk about the movie boxes offices. "warm body" they won the weekend box office. it's a story about the zombie who loves a human so much, he's
8:25 am
redeemed. "hansel and gretel" dropped to second plate. "silver lining ," " play book" dropped to the -- remain in the top 5. . the university released this image of a skull. archaeologists say this skull was found along with other bones buried in a parking lot in england last year. researchers say dna from the skeleton matches the skull of a relative. king richard iii. 8:23. sal, you are coming back.
8:26 am
tell us about 880. it's a -- it's a little slow. a little fog morning. this morning's commute is when you might deal with the fog. the fog is causing some flight delays at san francisco international airport. but not here at oakland or in san jose just yet. let's move along and take a look at the bay bridge. that's improved a lot. it was almost 30 minutes. no you we have very small delays at the toll plaza. if you are driving out of delay city in san francisco down the peninsula, i would use 101 instead of 2le 0 -- 280. we had anker whyer pro be brehm. 101 still looks pretty -- problem. 101 still looks pretty good. let's go to steve. temperatures really topped out on friday. they were in the 7 -- in the 70s. the fog came back and the water temperatures are cold. we have inland fog, bay side fog. once the low visibility burns
8:27 am
off, hazy sunshine. it's a dry pattern for most. a lot of low clouds. i think some drizzle around here. 30s, 40s to 50. oakland airport has been stuck there due to the low cloud deck that came in very early in the morning. overall it will be sunny. that fog may make it difficult later on. 50s by the beaches or in santa cruz. not this week. fog, drizzle. it will be mostly fair on tuesday. a little bit of a break on wednesday. a colder system drops in. i think we'll get some light rain. it will be sunny on the weekend, but breezy and very cool. at least eight people killed, a tour bus crashes on the mountain highway in southern california. what investigators now say they have caused this tragedy. >> we're live in san jose, where firefighters make an unexpected discovery while battling a house fire. we'll tell you why police had
8:28 am
to be called in. >> reporter: for many in the area, this is known as the stick. we'll tell you what a developer has planned for this area -- coming up as "mornings on 2" continues. here you go little man.
8:29 am
[ humming ] [ babbling ] the cheerios bandit got you again? [ both laugh ] ♪ the one and only, cheerios ♪ the one and only, cheerios
8:30 am
good morning. it's pretty foggy out there. this is a live picture of our camera. we're showing you downtown san jose. we can see it dark dean many of our cameras are fogged in. that's affecting air -- airplanes coming into san francisco airport. there could be some fog delays ranges as much as an hour. san jose and oakland may be delayed but not quite as much. we'll follow that for you. flight delays at sfo.
8:31 am
an hour average of an hour and 8 minutes. check with your carrier. overnight, firefighters stumbled right into a marijuana grow operation while putting out a garage door. ktvu's tara moriarty has been at the scene since 4:30 this morning. you are telling us what neighbors are saying about all of this. tara? >> reporter: yeah, police say that the people behind this elaborate grow operation argued up a $47,000 electric bill. crews had to board up the garage here in the driveway. next door, this is what's most disturbing to the neighbors. they say that right next door is where a daycare facility is run. the 911 call came in just before midnight from scottsville court. investigators say the fire was -- fire was sparked by -- was sparked by faulty wiring. >> once we assisted fire, we
8:32 am
went upstairs and went -- and checked the attic and found more rooms. we since seized the marijuana, about 300, 400. >> there's new car in there. we don't know what's going on inside. don't know. >> reporter: neighbors say they are completely shocked. police confirmed earlier this morning that this was an illegal growhouse. they confiscated $500,000 worth of marijuana. we understand that no one was inside the house when the fire broke. no one was hurt. no one is in custody. police did take some evidence inside the home that might provide them with cools with exactly who they are looking for. i'm tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. 8:30. back to the super bowl coverage, quarterback colin kaepernick, the first to admit, it was a heartbreaking loss for the 49ers. he almost pulled off the greatest comeback ever in super bowl history. he ran 15 yards right there for
8:33 am
this touchdown. he led four second-half scoring drives, throwing a 31-yard touchdown pass to crabtree. >> i think that last drive, when we got the ball and had time to go down and score a touchdown, we thought it was our game. >> watch the play, if you can. come on. okay. however, the 49er fans -- you gotta see it up close. was michael crabtree held? >> totally. >> tori? tori said yes. but fans -- ron louie says it, jim harbaugh says it. fans are optimistic about the 49ers' future. and for colin kaepernick, it was only his 10th start in the nfl. >> a lot of promising future for him. >> yes. the mayor of new orleans lien dash new orleans is expecting -- the mayor of new orleans is expecting a full report about the power outage at the super bowl.
8:34 am
the game was stopped for 34 minutes. the nfl blames the outage on sensing equipment that discovered something abnormal. the power outage at -- at the superdome reminded fans of the embarrassing blackout here in the bay area in 2011. it happened twice on nfl at candlestick against the steelers. pg&e took responsibility for the first outage and then a city-installed switch failed causing the second outage. san francisco city leaders are taking -- are making demolition plans for the candlestick. brian flores has more. >> reporter: good morning. this is the current home of the 9ers but it won't be for long. it was the former home of the giants and as for me, as a padres fan, a lot of heartbreaking memories. according to the san francisco chronicle, they report by the
8:35 am
end of next football season, the stadium will be demolished and there will be a coordinated implosion that will bring the stadium down. no exact time when it will be brought down but developers are looking at the next couple of weeks. san francisco's park and rec department which owns the land and stadium will hand over development to a group called lennar corporation. these are a couple of artists' renderings of what it may look like. investigators have plans to build a shopping center similar to that in walnut creek and build an arena, maybe house some small concert. hear what some people are saying in memory of the park. >> i'm very disappointed to see it going. i was never a football fan we went to giants' fames there for years. there were nights we would go
8:36 am
out there and you could see the fog screaming over, nice 105- degree day in concord. go out there and -- by the fifth inning, you couldn't see the outfield. >> i'm gonna miss it, of course, because i've been to a few -- to a few games there. i am gonna miss it. >> reporter: of the course, candlestick has been the home to the '89 home series, the earthquake, the catch, steve young to terrell owens, the last live concert of the beatles and the stadium, no doubt, has etched its history in the books. other ideas include residential and office space and the city is asking for the public input on how best to send away the stick. we're live at candlestick park. i'm brian flores. the warriors and giants are reportedry working -- are reportedly working out their differences for plans for a new
8:37 am
pro basketball arena. reportedly, that's because ed lee has been acting as a mediator. the warriors are planning to move into a $1 billion arena near at&t park in 2017 when their lease expires in oak. >> the giants are coerned about traffic problems because the arenas would be close to at&t park. its laker -- later this morning, opening statements begin in the retrial of a vallejo woman. she's charged with killing the father of her son. janell wright is accused of shooting her ex-boyfriend, an grew green, near his eem -- andrew green, near his home in 2010. there was a mistrial because of the jury deadlocking on a count. in 20 -- that was in 2012. police say this woman was drunk when she ran down a group of people walking down the
8:38 am
road. a 56-year-old woman cass killed -- was killed. police say a homeless man named kai was sitting in the passenger seat of a car when the driver announced that he was jesus christ. the homeless man said the driver then said he was gonna hit a pg&e worker because he was african-american. the hitchhiker pulled out a hatchet when the driver started attacking other bystanders. >> these two women are trying to help him. he runs up and grabs one of them. a guy that big can snap a woman's neck like a pencil stick. >> the driver was arrested and is facing charges. 8:36. police in walnut creek arresting five people in connection with several burglaries over the weekend. a very alert homeowner helped them catch two of the suspects in the act saturday morning.
8:39 am
police say the suspects broke into storage bins and cars. police have also arrested three suspects in that burglary at a macy's. police say three women were taken into custody at a traffic stop after they stole items from macy's. in santa cruz, county, the tires of 80 cars were slashed over the weekend. it happened in socal in saturday on -- in different neighborhoods. sheriff deputies are investigating to see whether the vandal is connected to -- is connected to other recent crimes in the area. at least eight people are dead after a tour brush crashed in san bernardino county. if investigators say it appears a brake problem caused this last night on route 38. the accident sent 38 people to the hospital. the bus was carrying a tour group from tijuana. >> the passenger side of the bus is significantly damaged.
8:40 am
all of the windows are broken out. that's where a lot of the debris and such was thrown from. >> authorities say the tour group may have been returning from big bear, a popular area for skiing. 8:38. sal's gonna help you deal with airport delays. what's happening on the roads. the fog, everything. >> the fog is causing airport delays at san francisco international airport. averaging about an hour, maybe more than that. you should check with your carrier. the planes have more trouble dumb -- coming in. the other airports are not reporting significant delays. let's take a look at what we have. 880 northbound is what we have, it's very slow. we're checking with chp to make sure that there's nothing blocking the lanes. but it's certainly slow as you drive north, 880 at broadway, there was a hazard there, they were trying to clear up. this is -- it was like a stalled car in one of the lanes there. let's take a look at the commute.
8:41 am
westbound bay bridge became much lighter. at one point it was 25 minutes. now we're down to two minutes. no problems once you get on the bridge either. santa clara valley, we've had a mild commute, a little bit of slowing. let's go to steve. thank you. a lot of low clouds and fog, fog, fog. , low cloud deck extends on sunday. morning fog, low clouds, mostly sunny, kind of hazy. tomorrow the fog will be back. hazy sunshine and then light rain but generally colder. this lookses like a one and done system. we won't get much rain of it all. all -- at all from it. a lot of temperatures in the 40s due to some of the fog and the inland fog showing a lot less visibility. but the coast and bay fog slow
8:42 am
to burn off for some. it will but that means temperatures have cooled off over by the beaches. we get more of a westerly fog. it will be back tonight into tomorrow. it's a dry pattern through wednesday. i think we'll be dealing with a lot of low clouds. nights and mornings. 50s, mid, upper to low 60s. so i mean, it's a very, very small summertime pattern but things have reversed compared to the last couple of weeks. drizzle will be with us. fog, tuesday. some rain with your weekend in view. it looks good and it will be breezy and cool. today, team oracle getting ready for the america's cup race plans to get back on the water with the racing yacht badly damaged last october. it flipped over during a test run on the san francisco bay. afterwards it needed repairs and modification but the crew says it's ready to go again. the team plans to launch a
8:43 am
second racing yacht in the next few months. 19 minutes before 9:00. the super bowl ads that are getting the most buzz after the game. ♪ >> we'll take a second look at those commercials, including one about a local football legend. police in one bay area city. they want your help for the search for the killer of a teenaged girl. >> reporter: gunfire broke out in this neighborhood leaving one teen dead. we'll tell you what police think happened -- when "mornings on 2" continues. ao hello?
8:44 am
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u.s. stocks falling sharply today. the first trading day after the dow hit its highest level since the financial dry sis, crossing 14,000 for the first time since october 2007. fresh concern about europe is to blame for the downward fall. taking a look at the big board, the dow is down to 13883. the nasdaq is down 35 and the s&p is down 13. happy anniversary to facebook, launched at harvard exactly nine years ago. mike zuckerberg invited his online classmates to join in
8:47 am
2004. a month later, stan -- students at stanford, columbia and yale were invited in. there are 1 billion account holders. but facebook's stock is down 3.5%. let's bring you up to date on some of the other top stories -- san francisco police made about two dozen arrests after last night's super bowl. most were for being drunk in public. in case you missed it, the 49ers lost to the ravens, 34- 31, in super bowl xlvii. a man was re cued from the -- rescued from the san francisco bay. he was spotted near the high street pier about 6:00 this morning. firefighters say he may have been in the water about 30 minutes but is expected to live. a rash of violence in one texas neighborhood has neighbored worried this morning. ktvu's janine de la vega joining us from audibon drive.
8:48 am
janine, are you getting any more information about the victims. >> reporter: yeah, actually a young girl just passed by here and tolded you that -- told us that she knew the victim. he was 17 and went to yerba buena high school. this happened next to ken den elementary school. it's in the area of mcmauve fin and phelan. most everybody heard the gunshots and had all surrounded the young man right here, where he died. you can see people have left sort of a makeshift memorial here as well as orange. police say just after 9:00, a group of teenagers were acting near audibon drive. two of the teens were hit. one of the boys died at the scene. the other was rushed to the hospital and is expected to survive. neighbors heard the gunfire and when they came outside, they saw the young man layening 0 the ground along with -- laying on the ground along with a
8:49 am
scooter. a young woman was with them and initially ran away because -- ran april way because bullets were flying. neighbors describe what they saw and heard. >> she was just screaming, they are shooting at us. she was hysterical and running. i don't know. it -- scary. i mean, to happen around here right in front of schools. it's just sad. teens have to end their lives like this. >> reporter: bullets hit two vehicles parked in the neighborhood. a minivan and a truck as well. that truck was towed away for evidence purposes. police did canvass the area overnight and spoke to witnesses. no arrests have been made and so far there's no motive. but police are looking into the possibility that this may have been gang-related. back out here live, again, we talked to the coroner's office and they said that nobody had come by yet. they've not officially identified this young man.
8:50 am
but again, we're told at least by people in the area that they say he was 17 years old. a lot of people are calling him jorge and they say that he did attend yerba buena high school. reporting live from san jose, janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. 8:48. san francisco firefighters had a tough battle -- tough time baitling an overnight fire in the western edition because it was jam packed with items hoarded. everyone in the house got out safely because they -- but they were treated for smoke inhalation. happening now, search crews in santa rosa are back out looking for a missing man last seen banking rather strangely in a park. homeowners on lawndale road called police saturday after the man began acting in a bizarre manner and then went to head into anendale state park where a man started to strip
8:51 am
naked and started to chant. the. his family says he suffers from a mental illness. investigators will be at fairfield middle school looking for answers to a horrible crime. pam cook is in the newsroom with more information on the murder of the 13-year-old girl. we've been in touch with fairfield police this morning they tell us that they do have good leads but they need ure help. this morning, investigators will be at green valley middle school where the young teen was enrolled hoping to learn more about what she was doing or who she was with last week. j university a horrendous discovery on fairfield saturday morning. a 14 why girl who police now say -- a 13-year-old girl who police say was strangled. we spoke to one woman whose son was friends with the young victim. >> he hugs her every day. he has two classes with her and he rides the bus with her. >> people in the neighborhood very upset. a memorial has been set up at the park where the girl's body was found.
8:52 am
police have not yet released her name. they do say, though, that she was living in a foster home in suisun city and she was reported missing. reporting live from the newsroom, i'm pam cook. >> thank you, pam. we have new information about today's 49ers' homecoming. we've now learned the 9ers will be back in the bay area at 2:15 this afternoon. that arrival time has been pushed back an hour. the 49ers will land at mineta international airport in san jose. well, there were some big winners when it came to the super bowl ads with the traditional budweiser commercial featuring a clydesdale earning the top spot. ♪ >> the emotional ad which shows the the unbreakable bond between the horse and his
8:53 am
trainer won the -- shows the unbreakable bond between the horse and his trainer won the top spot. but this -- wow, that looks like joe montana. chrysler ads were popular with viewers. and twitter was buzzing as the fans tweeted. the mercury news reports there were 24.1 million tweets about the blame and halftime show. 5.5million tweets were po -- were posted during the beyonce show. there were about 238,000 tweet esper minute. muhammed ali's daughter denies reports her father is near death. she said she talked to her dead yesterday on the phone and he was fine. she said ali was watching the super bowl at home and was
8:54 am
fine. a british tabloid started these reports saying ali was close to death. the government's plan to cre say wi-fi networks has created a fierce beatle between tech and telecommunications companies. google says a free wi-fi service would spark an explosion of innovation to would benefit most americans, especially the poor. but cell phone companies don't like that. they are lobbying against it. this would allow people to use their knowns without paying a monthly charge. 8:52. with the super bowl over, focus is shifting to the 49ers' future loster -- roster. what some are saying about whether or not alex smith's name will be on it. if you are driving on 880, it's pretty slow. we'll tell you what caused it and how you can get around it.
8:55 am
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♪ was beyonce at the super bowl? i didn't even notice. boy, she thrilled the crowd last night, sang many of her big hits, including "crazy in love" and "all of the single ladies" and also reunited with the former destiny child's band members. if you liked her show, you can see her here. she announced a tour stopping in san jose on july 2nd. after the 49er season is over, what's next for alex
8:58 am
smith? there's several reports he may be traded. reportedly if he is, his new team would have to pay and also give up something for the 49ers. this trade could allow the 49ers deciding his future stand maybe keep limb out of the division. drivers won't have to carry a lot of change for parking meters in san francisco. that's because the city plans to upgrade all of the meters by this fall. right now, san francisco has about 23,000 older meters that accept only coins and payment cards issued by the city. but there are all due for replacement. now the city is asking contractors to bid on putting in the kind that accept several kinds of payment and offering differly hourly rates. ktvu is just learning of a homicide in vallejo early this morning. we just got off the phone with vallejo police and they tell us they received several calls from people reporting gunshots
8:59 am
on mc grue avenue. shortly after the calls, a passerby found a bod i did. this all happened around 2:30 this morning -- body. this all happened around 2:30 this morning. they say eight male and we'll have more details at noon. let's check in with sal. what do you see? >> slow traffic on 880 because of an earlier stalled vehicle in downtown oakland. northbound 880 is slow all the way back to the coliseum. we go to the toll plaza. that's light and no problems there. if you are on the peninsula, 280 is the nom -- is not recommended. 101 is better. a lot of low clouds out there. coastal variety as well as inland. we've seen the inland pickup not the coastal. take us into tuesday and then it looks like increasing clouds. maybe some light rain thursday and friday. i think you will notice the cold more than the rain. >> and the flight delays. >> yes and i think we'll get that this morning, too. thank you for trusting ktvu channel


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